About Hope

Who we serve

Providing superior health care to homeless, indigent, uninsured and underinsured adults and children in the Omaha-metro area is the goal of the Hope Medical Outreach Coalition (HMOC). HMOC is a non-profit organization that relies on area health care systems, community health centers and physicians, dentists, clinicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and other health care providers who donate their time to provide free health care services to those in need.

Who we are

HMOC coordinates the staffing of four clinics that provide health care to the indigent and low income population. Health care providers volunteer at these clinics or see patients in their own offices who otherwise wouldn’t receive care. Physicians most often see patients with upper respiratory and ear infections, rashes, skeletal and muscle pain, diabetes, stomach and intestinal problems and provide acute and episodic care and psychiatric care.  Volunteer optometrists contribute eye exams and dental professionals address acute dental problems and provide comprehensive dental treatment.  HMOC and volunteer health care providers also refer patients to specialists if they need care beyond what is offered in the clinics.

Annually, HMOC cares for more than 2,500 patients, provides more than 300 referrals to specialists, facilitates more than 40 surgeries, and donates over a quarter million dollars in healthcare procedures.

*Volunteers are always needed.  Contact HMOC to find out how you can help.   Physicians, dentists, clinicians, and other health care providers or those wishing to donate supplies or make monetary donations can contact the HMOC office at (402) 354-6374.